Quipfire! Facebook Show

Do you post a new status every three hours? Have you never missed a Throwback Thursday? Do you validate your self-worth based on the number of likes your profile pictures receives? Then come to the Quipfire! Facebook Show!

For one night only, Quipfire! is performing a style of improv never before seen on Princeton’s campus! We will bring audience members on stage, project their Facebook profiles on a screen, and interview them about their online personas. Then we will perform scenes based on that interview.

When: 9 pm Friday, April 11th
Where: Theatre Intime
How: Tickets are $5, available at Frist or at the door

March Shows!

We just placed second in the National Championship of the College Improv Tournament and now we’re bringing our award winning improv back to Princeton! That’s right, we’re the second best collegiate improv group in the country (and the first if you don’t include graduate students)! Take a break from the rain, sleet, and snow and enjoy some long and short form improv, including an improvised musical!

Thursday – Saturday, March 6-8
11:30 pm at Frist Performance Theater
Get tickets at Frist or at the door before they run out!

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Quipfire! Places 2nd at Nationals of College Improv Tournament!

We spent the weekend in Chicago competing in the finals of the CIT and we came home with a trophy! Out of 136 teams that competed in the tournament, we placed 2nd, in only our 2nd year in the competition!

Quipfire! placed 2nd out of 136 college teams.

Quipfire! placed 2nd out of 136 college teams.

(David, Anna, Jake, and Emily couldn’t come because they are multi-talented and were performing in plays on campus. But they were there in spirit!)

Two-time regional champs!

Quipfire! competed in the College Improv Tournament for the second time, and for the second time we took first in the Big Apple Regional and brought home a beautiful plaque that will hopefully finally make our parents proud of us! Catch us at nationals on March 1st! 156381_10151909038446238_1838156231_n


Not pictured: David, who was with us in the first round but had to go back to direct a show, and Charlie and Nick, who had exams.

Winter Formals Shows!

You know what beats touching your chin to your chest every fifteen minutes alone in your dorm room, just waiting for the inevitable to come? A big ol’ improv blowout!

Come in your finest if you’re going to formals (our shows are conveniently scheduled in the lull between dinner and dancing when nothing’s going on), or come in your whatever if you’re not! We love you just the way you are.

Thursday – Saturday, December 5-7
10:30pm at Theatre Intime
Get tickets at Frist or at the door before they run out!

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Armando shows! (feat. Dean Dunne, Tim Vasen, and Brian Herrera)

Princeton hasn’t seen faculty do something as crazy as this since Nancy Malkiel founded the Nude Olympics.

Quipfire! is debuting a brand new type of improv on campus: the Armando Diaz Experience and Hootenanny! In this form, a non-improviser gets a suggestion from the audience and uses it as inspiration for a 5-minute monologue (college stories, impassioned rants, life advice, whatever comes to mind). The improvisors then create a series scenes inspired by whatever the monologist said, the monologist responds to those scenes, so on back and forth––ultimately creating an hour-long piece of improvised hilarity.

We’ll have some crazy good monologists to talk about their wacky childhoods, secret stories from Princeton’s past, and what it’s like to throw up a half pound of M&Ms on Lake Erie, among other things: theater professors Tim Vasen and Brian Herrera on Thursday, and King of ODUS Tom Dunne on Saturday.

Thursday & Saturday
11pm in the Frist theater
Tickets ($5) on sale right now, as you’re reading this!

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Frosh Week Shows!

You might forget your RCA’s name, you might forget the code to your room, and if you pound enough Beast you might forget the night you spent awash in a sea of sweaty freshmen outside some eating club whose name you don’t know––but you’ll never forget your first Quipfire! show. As Princeton’s oldest improv comedy group, we’ve been punctuating the awkward parade of Frosh Week with three special nights of improv comedy since 1992, and now we’re honored to do the same for you. For no cost at all (if you’re a lucky ’17er), we’ll delight your eyeballs with 1.25 hours of shortform and longform improv comedy, including a real-life improvised musical, because you’re worth it!

10:30PM on Thursday and Friday

Midnight on Saturday (right after the Triangle show!)

Theater Intime (in Murray-Dodge Hall, near the chapel)

$7/Student Events Eligible and FREE FOR FRESHMEN

If you’re interested in doing improv in college, stick around after the show, ’cause we want to meet you (and check out our Join page)! Our auditions start up the week following our shows (9/9-9/12), and they only take 15 minutes. We know how intense some auditions can be, and we pride ourselves on having tryouts that are all about what improv itself is all about: fun. There’s no experience necessary (half of our group had never improvised before college), and you can check out quipfireimprov.com for more details.

If you don’t catch us at the Activities Fair, audition signups will be in the lobby of Theater Intime, or you can email lefrost@princeton.edu.