Interested in joining our merry band of make-em-up men and women? Quipfire! takes new members every fall shortly after Frosh Week. Many of our current members had never improvised before coming to college, so we encourage everyone to come see our Frosh Week shows and try out if it looks like fun––and we promise it will!


This year’s auditions are next week, from Monday September 18th to Wednesday 20th! To sign up for an audition, fill out this form and choose a time slot!

You can also sign up for auditions after you see one of our shows this Thursday 10pm, Friday midnight, Saturday 10pm @ Theatre Intime – y’know, that building by the Chapel and East Pyne. They’re free for frosh!

Auditions are fun and laid back and there’s no experience necessary. For the first round, which is just 15 minutes, we play improv games with auditionees (don’t worry, we explain all the rules) and call back a smaller group to play more games and try some longform with us. We try to keep our auditions as low-pressure as possible, and we have groups of friends who come out every year just for the fun of improvising. The initial audition only takes 15 minutes, so there’s nothing to lose and a whole lot to gain by trying out.


Some people think they could never be in an improv group because they’re “not funny”, and others think an improv scene is a good outlet for their standup act. While improvising does take a certain amount of comedic ability, the funniness in improv is between you and your scene partner rather than inside you. We put as much emphasis on being a supportive scene partner as we do thinking quickly and creatively. To that end, we try to discourage auditionees from telling jokes or forcing the funny to happen. If you relax, cooperate with your scene partner, and have fun in your scene, you’ll do just fine.

Auditions happen the week after Frosh Week (the first full week of class). . If you have questions in the meantime, find us at the Activities Fair or email our Managing Director Paul Schorin.